The Real Secrets Of Magic

Andys list of some of the more useful secrets of magic.

The Real Secrets Of Magic

The effect happens in the spectators mind

There is no place for challenge in professional magic. – Fred Kaps.

Method matters in regard to how it affects the effect.

Audiences are easily confused but not fooled.

The better you are, the closer they will watch.

If you are going to change a rabbit into a dog then make it more magical by making the change
happen quickly.

Your audience should never be made to mentally work hard.

Making things as easy as possible for your audience comes before making things as easy as
possible for yourself.

Effect conditions depend on your audience’s perceptions at the time and not on the real reality of the situation.

Always see the effect from the audience’s frame of mind.

Audiences are dumb when you want them to be smart and smart when you want them to be dumb.

The fact that you like a trick is not enough reason to perform it.

The fact that a trick fooled you is not enough reason to perform it.

It is more important for people to hear you than to see you.

Tilt the cards down or hold them up so people can see.

Any given effect can only support so much presentation and no more.

Anything that that can act as misdirection at the right moment can act as a distraction at the wrong moment.

Resolve all doubts before the climax of an effect.

Always say the same thing at the same time in each trick.

Having a relaxed mind aids a strong performance.

When you respond to an interruption you give the audience permission to keep interrupting.

Never end on a mistake

Leave nothing to chance.

Always remain in control.

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