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Card Tricks For Beginners - Learn Card Magic Trick Videos For Beginners

How Do I Learn Card Tricks?

Learning card tricks from media sources have become more popular that books because it is easier to understand.  If you are keen to learn card tricks then all you need is a good teacher.  It is better to start off with simple card tricks and learn from the bottom up.  If you try and jump steps and get impatient you will learn to perform magic badly and then make your audiences suffer when you perform bad tricks to them!!  One of the best card trick teaching channels on YouTube is andyfieldmagic.  Please check out and subscribe to his channel.  He has very clear and concise card trick tutorials to help to learn good strong card magic. Here are some easier card trick videos to get you started.

Card Trick Tutorials For Beginners

Playing Card Handling Tips

  1. Hold the deck lightly
  2. Be very gentle and smooth with the cards
  3. Try not to bend the cards out of shape
  4. Don’t drop the cards.  They will get dirty and damaged
  5. Always perform with the best cards you can
  6. Always box the cards when they are not being used
  7. Do not leave cards in the heat  because they will bend
  8. Always use a good brand like Bicycle
  9. Always clean your hands before using your cards
  10. Win cool and expensive playing cards for free in andyfieldmagic’s Weekly Deck Giveaway or Deck Grab Competitions.

Useful Sleight Of Hand Techniques For Beginners

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