Andy’s 20 Tips For Strong Magic

Andy’s Tips For Strong Magic

20 Tips

  1. Make sure your sleights are well performed.
  2. Have good presentations based on your own personality.
  3. Try to use cards that are in good condition.
  4. If something goes wrong then just laugh it off and carry on. Never mention it again.
  5. Learn your patter for each trick.
  6. Strive to be really good.
  7. Practising on your family is not the best way to improve. Use strangers.
  8. Try not to keep saying “Um” or “Er” when you perform.
  9. If your favourite trick is not entertaining people then it is time to remove your favourite trick.
  10. Always look clean, tidy and handsome!
  11. Try never to flash.
  12. Always be nice and friendly.
  13. Practice, practice and practice.
  14. Be entertaining.
  15. When performing do not answer people if they keep interupting your trick. If you do you will both lose point of the trick.
  16. If you get a heckler then ignore him. Pretend your deaf and cannot hear him.
  17. Always leave your audience wanting more.
  18. Try not to keep rocking from one foot to the other when you are performing. Try not to fidget.
  19. Do not let people touch your props unless you ask them to.
  20. Look after your hands and nails. Make sure they are clean or painted.
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